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Lucky Man/Buena Suerte Tengo Yo

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LUCKY MAN   Grit Laskin   Spanish translation by Elizabeth Block
1. I had no say in being born,

Or where or when it happened to me,
It's only chance that turned the wheel

And made my living easy.

CHORUS:  Oh, I am a lucky man,

Favoured by good fortune's hand,
Far more than I'm deserving

2. I've had good work since I was young
,Mastered a trade, my business thriving,
Yet thousands idly bide their days:
No job means no surviving

3. I share a love that's fair and true,
A marriage have I that's rich with pleasure,
Yet there are those whose wedding vows

Are shackles that embitter.

4. There's some who die for want of bread,
There's some are killed for seeking freedom,
Yet I have more of what they lack
Than ever I'll be needing.


You can download a recording of this for 99 cents.  Google Grit Laskin, Lucky Man, and the site will come up on the first page.

I sing it unaccompanied.  Accompaniment, if any, is best with something that sustains, like a concertina.  Freely, adjusting the rhythm (and the tune) to the words.  Bear in mind that in Spanish it’s OK to put the accent on the wrong syllable.

Please feel free to share, with José Ortiz or anyone else interested.  Just tell the audience who wrote it!


1. Mi nacimiento no elegí,

Ni el donde ni el cuando,

Fortuna su rueda torneó,

Buen vida me ha dado.


Coro:   Buena suerte tengo yo,

            De la fortuna bandito

            Sin haber merecido.


2. He obrado desde juventud,

Está medrando mi comercio,

Mas miles son sin quehacer:

No empleo, no comida.


3. Con mi cónyuge vivo yo feliz,

Amantes y también amigos,

Mas hay casados que se sienten

Juntados por cadenas.


4. Hay muertos a falta de pan,

Matados por buscar libertad,

Mas de los dos tengo yo más

De lo que necesito.